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Mobile Proxy Reviews
When on mobile, one should not be punished with useless JavaScripts, something which is meant best for a PC. FLV videos, flash, frames and other such html entities end up crashing the weak mobile browser i.e. when one tries to view a typical WEB 2.0 feature rich web-page on their mobile device. One does not need to be restricted to WML (Wireless Markup Language ) or xHTML MP net pages, there is a solution. MOBILEPROXY.MOBI reworks the nitty-gritty source code of those supposedly villainous web pages and presents before you, a tidy mobile browsable internet page. Navigation simplified and interface upgraded, making it a great way to jump through / browse web content. Huge images which act as spoilsport at times are also resized on the fly for saving bandwidth and making them viewable on the fly. Browsing of main internet content was never this easy. Following are few reviews of this site, that best describe its potential and usability.

Libya Mobile Proxy Ahmad from Libya Great Mobile Proxy service, works so very well with my cell phone. I like it. Great handy service for me here in libya. Saves me data charges and is so easy to use.

Germany Mobile Proxy Jakobe from Germany Fast kostenlose Handy-Proxy-Dienst. Sehr einfach und leicht zu bedienen.

Austria Mobile Proxy Analiese from Austria Fast free mobile proxy service. Very simple and easy to use on mobile. Just GPRS connection needed. I use Sony Ericsson. I learnt about my Online Privacy from this place.

Belgium Mobile Proxy Laura from Belgium Fast service gratuit proxy mobile. Tres simple et facile a utiliser.

Egypt Mobile Proxy Malik from Egypt This service is so nice. It helps me view all web content on my mobile, its easy to use, navigate and fast too. I recommend it to everybody from Misr. Its such a great service.

Indonesia Mobile Proxy Jawa from Indonesia Cepat layanan mobile proxy . Motorolla.

Latvia Mobile Proxy Mara from Latvia Atra mobila proxy pakalpojumu. Bez maksas. Strada par Cell Phone.

Poland Mobile Proxy Feliks from Poland Szybko mobilnych usug proxy. Bezpatnie. Telefon dziaa na komorki

Syria Mobile Proxy Sargon from Syria Very nice service on my blackberry, very good. Its the best wap proxy service i come across.

Ukraine Mobile Proxy Odessa from Ukrain I like this site. My wap gateway for websites. I get all content through this. Its the best proxy service that I came across.

Kuwait Mobile Proxy Kareem from Kuwait Wap service is good. It works nicely on my mobi cell. Great way to browse all internet. I give it Mobile Phone Proxy a five star rating.

Sweden Mobile Proxy Sven from Sweden Snabb mobil proxy. Utan kostnad. Fungerar pa mobilen. enkelt stor tjanst pa WAP.

China Mobile Proxy Xiang from China Nice sweet service. Works nice on my iphone. I can surf site without a restriction.

Lithuania Mobile Proxy Jurate from Lithuania Greitas mobili proxy service. Nemokamai ir lengvai pasinaudoti. Darbu; Mobilusis Telefonas. tiesiog puiki paslauga WAP Private Web Surfing.

Russia Mobile Proxy Peter from Russia My mobile can do more now. I can surf full scale internet pages without having my mobile hang. It is one of the best service taht I came across.

Serbia Mobile Proxy Javor from Serbia Simple, easy, feature rich, stable , fast mobile proxy. DOesnt even require an installation. Its so perfectly suited for my browsing need.

Sudan Mobile Proxy Abu from Sudan Works great on sudanese mobile networks. Saves me money on the internet charges for accessing internet. This handy tool is so unique and cool.

Thailand Mobile Proxy Aroon From Thailand System is good, works on my iPad. I can access any wap site by this proxy system. Keep it up . Good work.

Vietnam Mobile Proxy Hue from Vietnam Best Mobile proxy that I came across. I havent used any suc useful online tool ever. Its free fast and secure.

Greece Mobile Proxy Acantha from Greece I like my privacy and is just the best tool for me to protect it from online scams and frauds. My very own Internet Detective.

Israel Mobile Proxy Navah from Israel These days you cannot trust anybody with your personal data, this service is just awesome. The proxy is fast too.

Ireland Mobile Proxy John from Ireland For all the sites blocked by my government, this free proxy service is really useful for me

Italy Mobile Proxy Nena from Italy Fast servizio proxy mobile. Libero di costo e facile da usare. Funziona su telefono cellulare. semplicemente grande servizio sul WAP

Romania Mobile Proxy Cici from Romania serviciul mobil rapid proxy. Gratuit de cost s,i us,or de utilizat. Lucrari de pe telefonul mobil. pur s,i simplu mare serviciu pe WAP

France Mobile Proxy Aceline from France service proxy rapide mobile. Sans frais et facile a utiliser. Travaux sur le telephone portable. tout simplement excellent service sur le WAP

Uganda Mobile Proxy Wemusa from Uganda Mobi service is great, it make everything so much easier for me. My mobile can browse everything now. Now I do not need to Configure Proxy Server.

Argentina Mobile Proxy Rayen from Argentina Great service on Android. Free to use anywhere and anyhow.

Burma Mobile Proxy Ellen from Mayanmar Great free proxy tool. Loads wel in my Samsung.

Norway Mobile Proxy Halfdan from Norway Rask mobile proxy service. Vederlagsfritt og enkel a bruke. Fungerer pa mobiltelefon. rett og slett god service pa WAP

Chile Mobile Proxy Daniela from Chile Super cool, super fast, super secure. Unblock Blocked Websites.

Kenya Mobile Proxy Mogobo from Kenya Vinnige mobiele proxy diens. Vry van koste en maklik om te gebruik. Werke op die selfoon. net goeie diens op WAP

Pakistan Mobile Proxy Shoaib from Pakistan kafi badhiya service hain yeh, mobile sey main mast sites dekh sakta hoon. mujhey pasand hai yeh free mobile service.

Turkey Mobile Proxy Ahmet from Turkety Hzl mobil proxy servisi. Ucretsiz maliyet ve kolay kullanm icin. Eserler Cep Telefonu uzerinde. WAP yeterlidir buyuk hizmet

Taiwan Mobile Proxy Sisi from Taiwan Constructive tool, helps me enjoy my leaisure surf on cell pone. It also works as Proxy for Downloading.

Lebanon Mobile Proxy Haifa from Lebanon I use this via Pc and its so fast. It makes all pages load in a flash.

Oman Mobile Proxy Omar from Oman I use it for my private browsing needs, when i dont want anybody to spy upon wat i am doing on the internet.

canada Mobile Proxy Smith from Canada Works great all the while. Simple to use here in Canada. An easy Website access proxy service.

India Mobile Proxy Ravi from India Zabardast service hai yeh mobile pey. Ek jhatke mein page load hota hai, kaafi badhiya hai.

Japan Mobile Proxy Hu from Japan I like to use it on My NTT DOCOMO.

Peru Mobile Proxy Irene from Peru Works well on my nokia phone, the proxy server does not give any problem.

America Mobile Proxy Jose from USA Cool navigation on my HTC. Does give any error or problem. Most sites load up very fast.

Tunisia Mobile Proxy Abdul from Tunisia Nice service, it stealts my presence while imove around and break out from all the censorship blocks in my country.

Spain Mobile Proxy Fernando from Spain Rapidez en el servicio de proxy movil. Libre de costo y facil de usar. Obras en el telefono de la celula. simplemente un gran servicio en WAP

Philippines Mobile Proxy Ashley from Philippines Fast mobile proxy service. Free of cost and easy to use in philippines.

Malaysia Mobile Proxy Alena from Malaysia Useful online mobile tool, loads well on my iphone. does not require much browser resources.

Mexico Mobile Proxy Jaquez from Mexico Util herramienta en linea movil, las cargas bien en mi iphone. no requiere muchos recursos del navegador.

Britain Mobile Proxy Drake from Britain Free tool, and does not add popup adds,works as good as hidemyass.

Tanzania Mobile Proxy Joanna from Tanzania many proxy tools out there.. this one is different and really good for mobile phones. Helps me do Anonymous Web Surfing.

Brunei Mobile Proxy Fahim from Brunei Nice free fast mobile browser tool. I use it regularly as it does not cost me anything.

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