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Surf the Internet at a faster speed with free online proxy server hosted offshore.

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Proxy Server is a porting server which connects you with the web. A Proxy Server will let you post data, collect data, retrieve information without leaving ny trace of your browsing history. The Proxy Server will make your visited Sites believe that you logged in from certain other part of the world. If you are visiting a site via Mobile Proxy Server, the Proxy Server will tell the visited site that you are logging in from USA. Your USA log details will not contain data about your actual location which maybe South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon or Nigeria. A Proxy Server protects you against stalking websites.

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Cookie Tracking is something which most websites make use of. They send a cookie packed with your usage token id and your geolocation details. The websites then monitor which pages you visit and which pages you do not. Proxy Server safeguards you against such tracking by providing false details of your whereabouts. The online server cookie tracking method fails when you are using a online Proxy Server.

Online Proxy Server

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The proxy server works on the principle of fake detail submission. This works great for certain sites which have disabled access to their servers for users from a certain country or region. You can check out sites banned or blocked in your country, you can see content which your Internet Service Provider or Government does not want you to see. The goodness of using a proxy server out weights anything. Also it lowers the risk involved in being caught accessing any certain content. Mobile Proxy is the best type of Proxy Server.

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A Proxy host server is hosted offshore and its server provider becomes responsible for all the traffic. Hence when you send data over a network server the terminal of the proxy server becomes a connection point. The server provider channels through all the traffic via the hosted prosy server, thus your activity over the internet remains anonymous.

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