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Mobile Phone Proxy - Anonymous WAP Gateway - Website on Mobile

A mobile phone proxy service to supply a wap gateway in order to surf website on mobile. Enjoy all web content on a portable mobile device

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Mobile Phone Surfing

Mobile Surf
Mobiles are tiny mobility devices which are meant to help communicate people on the go. They were designed by keeping optimum mobility in mind which included properties like being wire free, connectivity in remote place and considerable battery life. Over a period of time, other features such as SMS, MMS, GPRS , Voice Call etc got added. Mobiles are now being looked upon as the perfect successors of Personal Computers and Laptops. With a drop in physical size of Mobile Phones, their screen sizes too have decreased. A webpage which can be viewed on a large screen does not necessarily look good on a mobile phone. The navigation in particular becomes a problem. The other problem is that of multimedia contained on the page. Media on a page needs to be processed by the mobile browser for which it requires a considerable amount or processor resources and memory. Mobiles ( including smartphones ) sadly have not been able to reach this processing capability and as a result the mobile many-a-times hangs or stops functioning. To add to the woes, javascripts and frames end up ruining the entire mobile browsing experience. This is the main reason why mobile phones can not surf PC sites most of the time.

Mobile Internet Gateway

Wap Gateway
A WAP gateway is a server which enables mobile phones to connect virtually. It is the node which allows for linking up and browsing through the internet. WAP which stands for wireless access protocol uses wireless technologies like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WiFi, WiMax and other such connection technologies to connect with the global web. WAP Gateways are many a times setup by mobile network administrators, and if they are not then one can definitely use the one at to browse through all the WAP and web content available. Various special WAP gateways can be found on internet which can be used to browse content blocked by the mobile network administrator or censorship policies of various countries. Using an Anonymous Wap Gateway one can always protect their identity through a stealth mode of browsing. The details of ones surfing will never be traced or tracked. Such gateways are a lot useful in various conditions of mobile browsing. A Wap Gateway can sometimes even resize content and later publish it / serve it on mobile phones in a very well formatted manner.

Mobile Phone Proxy

Mobile Phone Internet
Mobile phone proxy is an online tool which enables anonymous mobile web browsing without jeopardizing user details. It takes in urls of the websites which the user wishes to browse, imports data , rearranges it in mobile friendly format and then serves it for the unique untraceable web surfing experience. Mobile proxy cloaks / ides your internet protocol ( IP ) address, it hides your browser details, manages cookies through its own system thus giving the best of stealth browsing experience. Mobile phone networks many a times supply mobile phone numbers and other such privacy details when a site is accessed directly by mobile phones, hides all these details away from the prying eyes of hackers, scamsters spies and protects the mobile user from any breach of privacy. also rearranges page code, removes useless html code and publishes a site in it most neat and tidy form. is a versatile free online tool which can be used by normal GPRS enabled mobile phones , smart phones, iPhone or any mobility device which is able to connect to internet via an embedded or downloadable browser. Mobile proxy is coded to work in the simplest best manner on mobile phones as it is created with xHTML mobile profile markup. iPhone browsing as been taken due consideration and the proxy site is universal to all devices including mainframe computers i.e PC and Laptops.

Mobile Phone Proxy

Anonymous Browsing
Anonymous system is something that does not pass your private data to the requesting party. While it can not operate without sending data, sends a fake user agent and an ip based in USA to the requesting site, thus blocking the site from accessing your private details. It also resizes images to fit best to the screen and in the process blocks third parties from sniffing around your presence. Every URL and web-page gets reprocessed and as a result anonymity is maintained. With a cloaked i.e hidden IP one can do wonders with browsing. Certain sites hide their selective content from users of other countries, this blockage can be easily surpassed using the anonymous feature of this online proxy tool. Online games and other services can be relished without compromising on the location front. The more anonymous a system is the better cloak there will be and better will be the security against privacy breachers.

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